Choosing a Perfect Wedding Reception Venue for Your Special Event

Your wedding reception represents your personality more than any other part of the wedding. When picking a reception venue, you want to love the way the place looks and feels. The venue should also be able to adequately accommodate your guests as your wedding day unfolds.

With so many wedding reception venues to choose from, settling on a particular place to hold your event is certainly the most difficult decision of the whole wedding planning process. It is important to start making a list of wedding locations at least six months before the wedding. This will give you enough time to call or visit those different venues and help you narrow down your choices.

You can get recommendations for wedding reception venues from family, friends, your wedding planner and colleagues. If you are planning to have a church wedding, you can request your ceremony contact for suggestions of wedding venues. It is good to find one that is close to the church so that you do not spend a lot of time moving from the church after the ceremony, to the reception venue.

Visiting potential wedding reception venues

From your list of reception venues, it is important to narrow them down to a manageable list with your wedding planner. Call and book appointments with a catering manager. Always carry a list of written questions when you visit. When you get to a venue, the first thing you should check is the parking. Make sure the space available is enough to fit all your guests. Confirm if the venue holds multiple events. If they do, ensure the parking spaces can fit all those guests too.

Once you get to the inside of the venue, be keen on its layout and size. Some reception venues claim to accommodate very huge numbers of guests, but guests are usually closely packed together which may be uncomfortable. Comfort should be the most important thing for your guests.

However, you should be also bear in mind that a space that is too big may lack the intimacy needed for such an event whereas a space that is very small will be crowded. A wedding reception venue should be big enough to move around.

You can sketch a mock layout of the venue together with the on site manager .This will assist you to see where the cake and food will be placed, where guests will be seated for dinner and where the bridal party will sit.

It is also important to note the size, stability and location of the dance floor. The size of the dance floor should be proportional to the number of guests invited.

After visiting different reception venues, narrow down the list again to two venues. You should visit these venues again before the wedding through an unplanned visit. This will help you to check how they treat their guests. You can also eat lunch or dinner at the venue if it is restaurant to sample out their food.

Before you settle on a particular venue, ask the site manager on any potential restriction. For how many hours will the space be available? Can you bring your own DJ or a band? What time do they close? Are guests allowed to smoke? Are you allowed to have decorations? How much will you pay the wait staff?

The tone of your wedding will be set by the environment of the wedding location so it is vital to choose a venue that will set the mood you want for your wedding. It should also match the style and color of your wedding. If you plan an outdoor wedding, ensure the venue has a backup plan in case it rains or it’s extremely hot.

Choosing a wedding reception venue is more than what a location looks like. The small details of a wedding venue make the biggest difference.